Xiaomi Dreame F9 Pro MOP Vacuum Cleaner White EU

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  • Марка: Xiaomi
  • Кат. номер: 6976233670027
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Dreame F9 Pro Vacuum Cleaner (White)

The Dreame F9 Pro, equipped with advanced LiDAR navigation, scans rooms and creates precise maps, ensuring efficient cleaning paths. With 4 suction levels, the vacuum adjusts to your needs – from gentle refreshing to intense cleaning. The Dreamehome app allows personalized settings for modes, suction levels, and cleaning frequencies. With a 3200mAh battery, the vacuum can cover up to 160m². The 16.8 cm wide main brush and 570ml dustbin ensure effective cleaning on various surfaces. With a suction power of 2,500Pa, it's not only efficient but also generates ≤65 dB in mopping mode, combining performance with quiet operation.

Room Scanning and Mapping

The Dreame F9 Pro is equipped with precise LiDAR navigation, which scans rooms and creates editable maps with interior details, determining the most efficient cleaning paths for accurate cleaning and maneuvering between rooms. The robot can cross thresholds up to 2cm high. Through editing capabilities, you can divide rooms into segments, set no-go zones, schedule cleaning sessions, and more.

Extensive Customization Options

With 4 suction levels, the vacuum allows adjusting cleaning strength for specific tasks. Whether you need a gentle refresh or intense cleaning, the Dreame F9 Pro meets your expectations. Using the Dreamehome app, you can set different cleaning modes, suction levels, water levels, and specify how many times rooms should be cleaned. The dustbin has a capacity of 570ml.

Cleaning Area

The Dreame F9 Pro covers larger areas, thanks to its 3200mAh battery that allows cleaning up to 160m². When the battery is low, the vacuum automatically returns to the charging station and resumes cleaning after recharging. The unique 16.8 cm wide main brush with a V-shaped design effectively collects dust from various surfaces, including wooden floors, tiles, and vinyl carpets. The device is equipped with a 237ml water tank and a mop attachment for mopping floors.

Compact Size, Great Convenience

With a suction power of 2,500Pa, this vacuum delivers exceptional cleaning performance. Equally important, in mopping mode, it produces sound below ≤65 dB, quieter than an average conversation. This combination of quiet operation and effectiveness makes the Dreame F9 Pro an excellent companion for daily cleaning, regardless of the environment.

Technical specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 3200 mAh
  • Suction Power: 2500 Pa
  • Dustbin Capacity: 570ml
  • Water Tank Capacity: 237ml
  • Working Time: up to 150 min
  • Mopping Function: Yes
  • Self-Cleaning Function: No
  • Navigation System: LDS
  • Features: 4 cleaning modes, 3 water flow levels
  • Filter Type: EPA (RHF1)
  • Compatibility: Dreamehome app, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant

Items included:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Main Brush (pre-installed in the vacuum)
  • Dustbin (pre-installed in the vacuum)
  • Cleaning Tool (pre-installed in the vacuum)
  • Water Tank
  • Mopping Attachment
  • Side Brush
  • Charger
  • Charging Dock
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