Xiaomi 70mai Dash Camera 1S 1080P D06 Black EU

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  • Марка: Xiaomi
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1920x1080 px resolution - Night vision - 130º of vision - Parking control - 3 axis G-Sensor - Voice control - Electrostatic temperature resistant adhesive - Swivel stand - Integrated WiFi - APP

This new Xiaomi 70mai 1S Smart Dash Cam D06 is a camera that delivers what you're looking for: spectacular image quality. With a resolution of 1920x1080px, it allows you to see your images very clearly, it is adapted to all situations because it features night vision, able to guide you even in the darkest places.

And for added security, this new camera from Xiaomi 70mai has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 130°, allowing you to record the whole road easily and safely.

This new camera also records 1-minute intervals, making it easy to find specific images.

Not only does it record, it also helps you when traveling

The new Xiaomi 70mai 1S Smart Dash Cam D06 is designed to be an ideal complement to all vehicles. Not only does it help you during your journeys, but when you park the vehicle, it will take care of you by recording everything that happens in front of the camera, thanks to its parking control (for this you have to get the Xiaomi 70mai Hardware Kit).

In addition, the camera can detect possible collisions and warn you of them, thanks to its 3-axis G-sensor, which will allow you to drive more safely.

And while we're on the subject of safety, this new camera for Xiaomi's car supports voice control in English, Russian, Japanese and Korean, to give you greater security.

Control it easily with its WiFi connectivity and its App

It is also a car camera that adapts to you, as it has an adhesive support that is high temperature resistant and adjustable, with which you can enjoy this camera in all places and record what matters most to you at all times.

It also has its own WiFi and a native App available on Android and iOS with which you can send what you need to your phone and save the images there, offering you great security!


  • The highest resolution for your safety. With its powerful SONY lens you can have all the images you need for your own safety.
  • And with its night vision, you can drive safe both day and night.
  • Whether the car is moving or not, this new camera helps you whether you're moving or parking your vehicle.
  • Adaptable, it fits you and your vehicle perfectly. You can easily connect it to your phone thanks to its WiFi and APP.


  • Brand: Xiaomi 70mai
  • Model: 1S Smart Dash Cam D06
  • Chipset: MSC8336D
  • Image
    • SONY IMX307 CMOS sensor
    • Video resolution: maximum 1920x1080p at 30fps
    • Opening f/2.2
    • Viewing angle: 130º
    • Compression: mp4. H.264
    • 1 minute lapse recording
  • Audio:
    • Microphone and built-in speaker
  • Functions
    • 3-axis G-sensor
    • Night vision: yes, maximum 4 meters.
    • Parking control (for this you have to get the Xiaomi 70mai Hardware Kit)
    • Voice control in English, Russian, Japanese and Korean
    • Swivel stand
    • Charge control LED
  • 70mai Dash Cam application, available at Android and iOS
  • Connection
    • WiFi
    • Network frequency: 2.4GHz, IEEE802b/g/n
  • Interface
    • USB output (charging)
    • Space for SD card with a maximum capacity of 16 GB
  • Working temperature: -10ºC ~ 60ºC
  • Battery
    • 240 mAh battery
    • Voltage: 5V/1.5A
    • Power supply: USB / cigarette lighter
  • Measures and weight
    • Dimensions: 9.1 x 5.2 x 3.15 cm
    • Weight: 200 gr
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